About GTU Innovation Council

Our Mission

GTU Innovation Councils first objective is to nurture creativity and innovation within the University community, it has been designed to act as a catalyst of change for the whole of the society.

The Council is sending out its students and teachers to businesses, industries and various organizations to continuously prepare projects and case studies for changes, which may lead to improvement in products or processes.

The Council targets to create a management system, which uses the existing structures and facilities by bringing them together for working for innovation. The council has decided to document every single success and to make the information available to all the stake-holders to develop self-confidence in the whole of the system. One key aim of this mission is to develop inter-relationship for national and international collaborations for innovation in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. The Innovation Council has started strategic steps to establish a close and continuing inter-action between the industries & businesses and the students & faculties in all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses like Engineering, Management, pharmacy, MCA and Polytechnics and the faculty members in GTU.



GTU Innovation Council has been designed to establish close linkages with industries and businesses to make research and development at the University relevant to the needs of industries at national and international levels. It aims to involve the industries, along with the students and faculty members, in an innovation campaign, whereby GTU rejuvenates technology education and develops quality research at the University and helps create a culture of design, new and improved products and processes in our industry.

GIC Stats

  • When 400,000 students and 27,000 teachers (our likely numbers in 2013-14) start working as a force for innovation, we expect that the education and research at the University will be rejuvenated through anchoring it with the real-life problems in businesses, industries and the society.
  • More importantly it will make our 34,500 SMEs, spread over 160 industrial estates, and our society more innovative.
  • GTU Innovation Council has set up 25 GTU Innovation Sankuls/Clusters, which are regional communities of GTU educational institutions and the industries in the region.
  • The Council is setting up Udisha (Universal Development of Integrated Skills through Higher Education) Clubs in every GTU Institut,ion for mapping every Technology student with an appropriate industry and for developing the soft-skills of the students. More than 300 Udisha Clubs have already been established.